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self-fulfilling prophecy

After almost a year, I cut of the Roskilde festival wristband. The festival and the memories I have from there have surely meant a lot, but it just felt like the right time to kind of let go, and move on.
I will never forget seeing James Blake live, when the thunder outside made the tent we were in, light up for a quick second or two only to bring back the dark. I remember walking back to the camp after this concert, smoking wet cigarettes in the rain, feeling completely free, and just happy to be alive. I will never forget standing in the front line at the My Chemical Romance concert and remembering how it felt like to be thirteen and feel like no one in the world understood me, except for these guys. I will never forget when PJ Harvey walked to the scene, looking like an angel sent from above. I will never forget how Charles Bradley made everyone in the audience sing “Heart Of Gold”, whilst holding hands. I will never forget when Conor Oberst said:”This song is called “Lover I Don´t have to love, and it´s about casual sex and I hope you´re having lots of it”. I will never forget those drunken nights, where we would dance with absolute strangers, feeling as if we had known them for years.
I am truly grateful I got to experience that.I know, I know. Don´t mock me for being such a drama queen when it comes to this.

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